Monday, September 26, 2011


I have been a slacker, sorry for those coming to check on Michaela. With Michaela and the other two children my life stays busy and EVENTFUL! My daughter Jayda in this time of being MIA decided to go missing from school on the very first day (as if I wasn't scared enough just sending her to school). Also today she decided to tumble down an entire flight of stairs onto cement. Needless to say Michaela isn't the only one who likes to keep me on my toes.
We got to attend our very first heart walk yesterday! It was in Raleigh. John, Michaela, and I really enjoyed ourselves, and it felt good to be part of something that means so much to our family! Michaela is due for an echo here on Thursday, and I will be sure to  post her results! She currently has a cold, so we're not very excited about that, but hopefully being her surgery was 6 months ago she will recover and be the little fighter she is!


  1. Hope the echo went well Ashley. Emily has a treadmill test and echo on Tuesday 4th and had an MRI myocardial viability scan during the summer. Results of that one on the 10th October. Fingers crossed that both our ALCAPA girls do well. x

  2. Thanks! It did go well! All of the doctor's from Chapel Hill are just so happy and shocked, they didn't think she would do as well as she had. So we are beyond thankful! I will definitely keep your daughter in my thoughts in prayers for good results! Thanks for keeping up with us and please let us know how Emily's tests turn out :)