Thursday, February 9, 2012

1 Year Old and Stuff Update :)

So I haven't left any updates lately, well because Michaela as usual keeps us busy and on our toes!

Michaela is doing well, she just celebrated her first birthday on December 18th! She got so much stuff between Birthday and Christmas. This is one spoiled little girl!

In January we found out Michaela had a hernia caused by a chest tube post heart surgery. So we went up to Chapel Hill on the 18th and had surgery for it, by none other than the great Dr. Michael Mill (Michaela's heart surgeon). We were so blessed to see alot of familiar faces and even given the chance to share Michaela's story to the UNC Kid's Promise Board.  She did well with the surgery and we were allowed to go home the same day. She was so pitiful after surgery though :(.

Within a few weeks of  Michaela being home she ended up with pneumonia and so we had to stay at the local hospital here for a few days. Michaela was allowed to come home on inhalers after two days. She did lose some weight which is frustrating because she's already so small. She's been home for a little over a week now though and she's doing well so hopefully she'll put her weight back and stay away from the doctors!

Thanks to everyone who is keeping a check on our angel!